With your help a third of demand for school places can be alleviated by 2019

With your help a third of demand for school places can be alleviated by 2019

October 25, 2016

Bromley Borough needs additional school places to cope with the growing number of students over the coming years.  It is essential that the planning applications for both the temporary site at Ravensbourne High School and its permanent home on Balmoral Avenue get the necessary support.  Any delay in the applications may postpone the opening of the school, scheduled for September 2017, and impact on students and families in the Borough, resulting in students being forced to go out of Borough or study in ‘bulge’ classes.

If the school opens on schedule then it will provide essential school places for 600 local children, 32% of demand by 2019.

There are three ways you can show your support.

  1. Support the application for the permanent site in Balmoral Avenue. The 21 day consultation period for the permanent site has now come to an end. However, comments will still be accepted up to the point of decision and the committee date is yet to be set, which means there is still time to register your support.  You can do so here: http://ow.ly/zhzx305oF7M.
  1. The application for the temporary site for Eden Park High School at Ravensbourne High School has now been submitted and we have entered a period of consultation, which ends on 16th November. If the application isn’t successful, the opening of the school may be delayed for another year. You can view the application and leave your comments here: http://ow.ly/t8A4305oQH2.
  1. You can also register your support with your Ward Councillor. The names and email addresses of your Ward Councillors are listed here; or write to them at the address below. You must quote the planning application reference number on any correspondence with the Councillor or your support may not be registered.

(16/04712/FULL1) for the temporary site

(16/03145/OUT) for the permanent site

Councillors Diane Smith, Peter Dean and Alan Collins

c/o Members’ Room

Bromley Civic Centre

Stockwell Close




Councillor Diane Smith           diane.smith@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Peter Dean             peter.dean@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Alan Collins            alan.collins@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park