Why join us?

Why join us?


E21C places its students and staff at the heart of our vision.

Put simply, we strive to ensure that every person connected with E21C is given every opportunity “to be the best you can be.” We aim to build a family of schools that share a common set of principles and values that underpin our vision. Central to this is all schools within E21C sharing the following key principles:

– Provision of high quality opportunities for all.
– Delivering effective, efficient and timely support.
– Maintaining the highest expectations of progress for young people.
– Ensuring that social inclusion is delivered in all that we do.


Deciding to join a Multi Academy Trust is a hugely important decision. The culture/ethos of the MAT you join can deeply influence so much of the future for your school and its students. When making your decision it is important to ensure that your school belongs within the vision and values of the MAT you wish to join. E21C seeks to grow through a collaborative approach that empowers educators to educate and ensures the business functions for the MAT are carried out by experienced professionals in those areas.


E21C does not believe in doing the following:

– Re-branding schools to conform to a standard image. All schools should be unique to represent their local community needs.
– Remove local Governance. This is a key function to ensure that schools are of their local community and respond to local need.
– Remove school autonomy through a large central team. All schools in the E21C have earned autonomy through our Minimum Expected Standards. Developing in unique ways is a
central part of the ethos of E21C.

Our vision is to facilitate collaboration in all areas, developing autonomous self-improving schools which drive improvement through professional support.


For further information or to make an enquiry please contact Nick Vincent, Chair at nvincent@e21c.co.uk.