Eden Park High School - Frequently Asked Questions

Eden Park High School – Frequently Asked Questions

January 26, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions.

1) What is the catchment area for Eden Park High School?

There is no fixed catchment area, because in any year the number of applications can vary. The admissions oversubscription criteria include distance from a specific point. Kent House Station was used as this point for the first year intake (although deferral has now taken place). Therefore, for the first year intake (2017) the trust intends to use the Balmoral Avenue address as the admission point.

2) Where will the temporary location for Eden Park High School from September 2017?

The proposed temporary location is in additional temporary accommodation at the Ravensbourne School, Hayes Lane, Bromley BR2 9EH, subject to planning permission. Planning for this is still underway and we will keep you updated for those students joining in 2017.

3) How will students get to Eden Park High School at the temporary location?

The school will provide a free transport link, for both before and after school, from key nodal points around the catchment area.

4) Where is the proposed permanent location for Eden Park High School?

The former Co-Op (Eden Park) site in Balmoral Avenue, Beckenham, is the proposed permanent location. Planning permission is currently being sought for the design and build on this site.

5) Why has this been chosen as the location?

There is ample space for facilities, and the location will provide lots of much-needed school places in Beckenham and the London Borough of Bromley. This site was purchased by the EFA after extensive and exhaustive search for sites in the area.

6) Does Education for the 21st Century own the land?

The Land was purchased by the EFA to allow E21C to pursue the opening of the school.  The land is registered to E21C, although it would revert to Government if it was not used for a school as intended.

7) Has planning permission been secured?

The Trust has to gain planning consent for the design of the school before any construction can begin. The team has entered into a pre-application process with the planning department and there will be a period of formal planning consultation during which all interested parties will have the opportunity to pledge their support and air their concerns for the construction of the school. The first and initial consultation meeting is set for Wednesday 9th March. Other meetings will follow this one.

8) When will the initial consultation meeting for the planning process be?

The first consultation meeting about planning issues will take place on Wednesday 9th March at St George’s Hall, Beckenham, BR3 5HZ. There will be other meetings planned throughout the year by E21C to keep the community updated and involved.

9) When will Eden Park High School open?

The school will open at The Ravensbourne School, the temporary location, in September 2017, with the permanent school scheduled to open on the proposed site once planning permission has been sought.

10) Will the Balmoral Avenue site be open for the September 2018 intake of students?

Subject to planning permission, this is the targeted opening date, but the project is ongoing and we will keep you updated at every stage of the process, and later the design and build.

11) Have all the necessary surveys been carried out prior to purchase?

Yes, but many more surveys will be needed during the design process. We will keep the community updated as and when these are carried out.

12) Have all necessary permissions been granted for works securing and clearing the site?

As the land is registered to E21C, no permission is needed for ensuring the site is safe and secure – this is the responsibility of the owner. However, the council has been informed of all work undertaken, and have confirmed that no breaches in legislation have occurred. Further surveys and assessments will be carried out as necessary.

13) Who is Education for the 21st Century?

Education for the 21st Century (E21C) was established in 2011 as a multi-Academy Trust, with the goal to support and extend the local education community within South East London. Find out more about the ethos of the Trust here.

14) Why does the proposed school have an extended school day?

The extended school day, from 8.30am to 5.30pm, allows for students to pursue their passions and interests, from art to science to sport, with teachers on-hand to provide academic support and expertise. Another benefit of the extended day is that there will be no further work to complete at home.

15) What is the school’s ethos?

We hold the highest expectations for every student and achievement on all levels is celebrated and rewarded. We set ambitious and challenging targets and support our students to enable them to reach the best of their ability.

16) What is the capacity of the school?

There are 180 places available to Year 7 students in September 2017. Each subsequent year we will take a new intake of 11 year olds, until we reach capacity of 7 year groups.

17) Do we require more land?

No, the 11 acres of the site provides ample space for the facilities needed for Eden Park High School.

18) Will the school be open for local community use?

Yes, the facilities will be used by local sport and community groups wherever possible and practical.

19) Will The Ravensbourne School also move onto the proposed location?

No, The Ravensbourne School and its students will remain at the existing school site in Hayes Lane, Bromley.

20) Will the Balmoral Avenue site have any other access points?

No.  The only access point will be from Balmoral Avenue.

21) Is there the demand for school places within Bromley and the local area?

Yes; as London’s population continues to grow, Bromley has seen a significant increase in places needed at both primary and secondary schools and many parents are finding that their children are placed on waiting lists as schools in the borough are oversubscribed. Government studies have shown that there is a need for new schools to be set up, existing schools enlarged and bulge classes opened. Eden Park High School will help alleviate this increased demand.

22) Are there protected animals on site?

All necessary ecological surveys were undertaken before the site was purchased and vegetation cleared and there were no protected species under any threat on the site..

23) Has the natural landscape been damaged?

No, the site has been cleared for safety. Although excess foliage has been cleared, no protected trees have been removed.

24) When will the site be secure, to avoid unwanted use?

Fencing has now been erected and the site is now secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

More information will be published as soon as it becomes available.

Residents and other interested parties can send specific planning enquiries to planning@e21c.co.uk.

Specific education enquires for the school can be sent to info@edenparkhigh.com. Please note this address is not for planning enquiries.

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