The Beckenham Academy – Deferral of Opening

The Beckenham Academy – Deferral of Opening

February 24, 2016

We would like to thank you for your continued interest and support to date with our new school, The Beckenham Academy. Whilst the planning consultation for the new school continues, we have had to request a deferral to open The Beckenham Academy from September 2016 until September 2017. We haven’t taken this step lightly but there are very clear and compelling reasons why these steps have been taken:

– The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has informed us that due to the necessary planning processes the construction of the site will be delayed.
– This would mean the September 2016 entry for The Beckenham Academy would have to spend a significant amount of their secondary education at The Ravensbourne School.

This situation is not viable on two grounds;
1. Educationally, for students to study in temporary accommodation for this amount of time is unacceptable and would lead to a quality of education that we would not consider to be an appropriate standard.
2. The Ravensbourne School would not physically be able to accommodate three additional year groups on the temporary site.

Whilst the Trust is extremely disappointed in having to defer the opening of this new school for 12 months, the education and wellbeing of our students are paramount and a conclusion has been made with their best interests at heart.

We would like to reassure you however, that the commitment of E21C to offer a first class education for all students is undiminished and we intend to open in September 2017.

Crucially, the planning consultation process for the design and construction of the new school is unaffected by this deferral and an initial planning consultation meeting is being planned for early March and we encourage everybody with an interest in the new school to attend.

On a separate note, The Department for Education (DfE) feels that the name ‘The Beckenham Academy’ will be somehow confusing for parents as it is too similar to the name of other local schools.  Within the last few weeks, the DfE has insisted we use an alternative name to The Beckenham Academy.  The deferral allows us time to choose a new name, which will be done in the very near future.

For all those with further questions or queries relating to educational aspects of this news please get in touch: