Social Media: How does it benefit you?

Social Media: How does it benefit you?

March 15, 2016

Social media is a hub created to keep users connected, engaged and informed online. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ allows for easy access to vital information, act as a forum to initiate conversations within the community and encourages the sharing of ideas.  So what does this mean for our schools?

Building an online community is a great way to open a two-way channel of communication between our schools, parents, teachers and students. Here are a few of the many benefits of staying connected via social media.


Staying up-to-date

Formal letters with important dates can often be lost or misplaced, so having an online source can prove to be very helpful, particularly to parents. School news and events such as assemblies, parent evenings, trips and sports days can all be found on our channels, allowing for the time required to prepare, if you need to.

As much as everyone would love to attend every event, assembly and ceremony, circumstances do not always allow for this to happen. Staying connected means that you can see all of our photos, allowing you to share the moments that you missed.


Being part of an online community

We love to interact with the community and always encourage parents, teachers and students to get involved with our school’s social media channels. You can do this through ‘liking’, ‘sharing’ and ‘commenting’ on our content to let us know your thoughts and the type of issues that you would like to see. It also allows you to communicate with other like-minded individuals, build relationships and network with your peers. The sharing and exchanging of ideas online is a great way to learn about current affairs within the community.

Utilising our online channels can also act as a platform for you to get all of your questions answered by us directly or from other parents, teachers or students who may have important information to share.


Education doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings

We believe that sharing fun facts and quotes can be a great way to teach our students long after they have left school for the day. Students can look out for interesting articles, interactive websites and learning resources to have fun developing their skills outside of school hours.


Encourages online safety

In the modern age, social media is accessible to all and it is important that it is used safely. For students and parents who are not familiar with these online channels, connecting with our schools offers a great way to learn about them. It also means that we can enforce to our students, the importance of using social media responsibly.

Get in touch with the schools through Facebook and Twitter where you can delve into a world of interactive learning, updates and fun. All thoughts, questions and ideas are welcome. Below you can find the social media accounts for each school so that you can get connected, we look forward to hearing from you!


E21C Trust

Twitter: @e21ctrust

Facebook: E21C Trust

Google+: E21C Trust


Scotts Park Primary School

Twitter: @ScottsPark_Sch

Facebook: Scotts Park Primary School

Google+: Scotts Park Primary School


Mottingham Primary School

Twitter: @Mottingham_Sch

Facebook: Mottingham Primary School

Google+: Mottingham Primary School


The Ravensbourne School

Twitter: @RavensbourneSch

Facebook: The Ravensbourne School

Google+: The Ravensbourne School


The Beckenham Academy

Twitter: @BeckAcademySch

Facebook: The Beckenham Academy

Google+: The Beckenham Academy