Plans for Eden Park High School hampered by surprise omission from Council’s Draft Local Plan despite local demand

Plans for Eden Park High School hampered by surprise omission from Council’s Draft Local Plan despite local demand

December 14, 2016

The Balmoral Avenue site, acquired for the construction of Eden Park High School to deliver 1,680 much needed secondary school places in Bromley, has been omitted as a future site in Bromley Council’s Draft Local Plan. But parents and local residents still have time to make a difference.

With increasing demand for school places in Bromley, the Council’s own Secondary School Development Plan indicates that 32 form entries (FEs) must be provided in the next five years, with half of these needed by 2018/19.  Eden Park High School will meet 32% of this demand for essential school places.

“The proposed site for Eden Park High School, Balmoral Avenue, was included in the Council’s pre-draft plan as future for educational use, but for unknown reasons, has been removed from this published version of the plan,“ said Paul Murphy, CEO of E21C, the Trust behind the school. “The site has been purchased and planning permission submitted. It is the only option that can deliver on the Council’s own targets and timescales and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the other sites put forward by the Council are more appropriate, quite the contrary. So the decision to exclude Balmoral Avenue from the plan defies logic. We are taking steps to obtain more information from the Council about the decision and the reasons behind it”

The shortage of secondary school places in Bromley will impact on students and families in the Borough, resulting in students being forced to go out of Borough for secondary education. The consultation period for the Council’s Draft Plan ends at 5.00pm on 31st December 2016 and it is crucial that parents and Bromley residents show support for the proposed site for Eden Park High School on Balmoral Avenue by getting in touch with the Ward Councilors listed below, with the message:

“I believe Balmoral Avenue is the most appropriate site for the permanent location for Eden Park High School and that use of the land should be designated by the Council as suitable for educational use.”  


Parents should quote this reference on all correspondence if their views are to be taken into account: 16/03145/out


Councillors Diane Smith, Peter Dean and Alan Collins

c/o Members’ Room

Bromley Civic Centre

Stockwell Close





Councillor Diane Smith   Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Peter Dean     Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Alan Collins    Kelsey and Eden Park