Our Values: What We Believe In

Our Values: What We Believe In

February 16, 2016

The core values we promote throughout our Trust, Education for the 21st Century, are essential to uphold the ethos of what we believe in. We believe it is integral that each child is encouraged by our staff and fellow students to “be the best you can be”. In order to achieve this, we instil strong values that must be maintained across all our member schools. This allows us to create stronger relationships between our staff and pupils, as well as establishing connections within our local communities, outside of the school environment.

Our overall aim is to create a ‘whole child’, a child that has academic prowess as well as strong life skills for the next stage of their life. The importance of knowing how to interact with different people and developing their own character, is just as important to us as achieving the best grades they can at school. Our six core values reiterate this:

  1. High Expectations

We have full confidence in our children, allowing our expectations to be high regarding what they can achieve. By having these expectations, each child feels confident in their actions whether this is in the classroom, on the sports field or even in public speaking.

  1. Right First Time

At E21C we believe that all children have one opportunity to receive a high quality education and it is our responsibility to make sure that pupils utilise the staff and facilities on offer within their school life to its full potential. Therefore, maximising their chances of achieving success first time.

  1. Passion

We make sure that all members of staff in our Trust have genuine passion for what they do. We encourage our staff to create a positive influence on our pupils, inspiring them to want to achieve good results for not only the school, but for themselves.

  1. Positivity

Creating a positive environment for our students generates a ‘no excuses’ culture within our schools. Encouraging and believing in our children is essential for generating an atmosphere of positive learning.

  1. Responsiveness

Each school, as part of our work with the local governing bodies, must represent the local community as much as possible. By doing so, we know our schools are making a positive impact in improving the area. We aim to root ourselves effectively and positively within each community that we are situated in, contributing to the establishment of an E21C legacy.

  1. Collaboration

As well as all our schools being geographically close together, we ensure they all work collaboratively together to develop the overall vision of our Trust. Our schools are motivated to progress positively, offering professional challenges and support in order to advance and improve our Trust as a collective.

We look to our staff and pupils to carry these values throughout both primary and secondary education. Pupils develop their personal skills alongside these values from start to finish in their academic careers. By believing and pursuing these six core values we are beginning to transform education and establish strong community ties across Bromley.

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