Eden Park High School is on the agenda – Help us make your school happen.

Eden Park High School is on the agenda – Help us make your school happen.

January 18, 2017

The planning applications for the both the permanent and the temporary site for Eden Park High School have made it onto the agenda of the Development Control Committee at Bromley Civic Centre on Wednesday 25th January.  Subject to certain conditions the recommendation from the planning officers is that permission be granted for both the permanent site at Balmoral Avenue and the temporary site at The Ravensbourne School. You can read the meeting agenda and both committee reports on the Bromley website here.

Whilst it is brilliant news that the recommendation is for permission to be granted it doesn’t mean that permission will definitely be given; what happens at the meeting on the 25th is critical. The decision rests with the committee of 18 councillors from Bromley Borough who will determine whether the applications should be approved. 

Your support has been significant in influencing the planning report and is specifically mentioned in the text, “39 representations in support have been received at the time of writing this report. In addition, a petition with over 480 signatures has been submitted in support of the development.” This compares to 147 people who have objected to the proposal.

If you haven’t done so already, there is still time to register your support before the meeting on 25th by getting in touch with the Ward Councillors listed below, with the message:

“I believe Balmoral Avenue is the most appropriate site for the permanent location for Eden Park High School and that use of the land should be designated by the Council as suitable for educational use.”

Parents should quote this reference on all correspondence if their views are to be taken into account: 16/03145/out

You can also leave a comment here.


Councillors Diane Smith, Peter Dean and Alan Collins

c/o Members’ Room

Bromley Civic Centre

Stockwell Close




Councillor Diane Smith           diane.smith@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Peter Dean             peter.dean@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park

Councillor Alan Collins            alan.collins@bromley.gov.uk  Kelsey and Eden Park



Eden Park High School will deliver 1,680 much needed secondary school places in Bromley.

With increasing demand for school places in Bromley, the Council’s own Secondary School Development Plan indicates that 32 form entries (FEs) must be provided in the next five years, with half of these needed by 2018/19.  Eden Park High School will meet 32% of this demand for essential school places.

Permanent site: planning permission is sought for a new eight form entry (FE) secondary school Eden Park High School, on Balmoral Avenue,  plus a sixth form accommodating a total of 1,680 students (1200 secondary pupils and 480 sixth form pupils) and approximately 120 staff by the time the school is fully occupied in 2023

Temporary site: siting of a two-storey structure at The Ravensbourne School, for educational use (Class D1) for two academic years (until 31 July 2019) and associated external works including access ramp and stairs.