E21C: To be the best you can be

E21C: To be the best you can be

November 12, 2015

Education is an investment in a child’s future. At Education for the 21st Century our objective is to ensure every child has the opportunity to avail of and benefit from a return on this investment.

Central to our ethos is the provision of the skills, knowledge and abilities required by students to take a leading role in 21st Century society. We aim to deliver more than basic education by nurturing and developing the individual gifts, talents and ambitions of learners, enabling them to find and secure their place in the world.

How do we achieve this? By establishing a family of Academies that share a common set of principles, aims and values – at the centre of which is the individual child.

Underpinning our vision and ethos are the following core values:


Opportunities for all

Education is for everyone. We believe that each child deserves the opportunity to learn, to benefit from an environment that nurtures their educational development and supports them throughout their academic career and an academy that cares about their personal progression.


Effective support for all

As educators, we a have the opportunity to change lives positively by giving learners the gift of knowledge and the skills to use it. This is what we aim to deliver to students by equipping them with an excellent education, but we know that this alone is not enough. There need to be support mechanisms in place to ensure each student can access and thrive inside and outside of the classroom.


High expectations for all

We want each of our students to be the best that they can be. This means meeting their individual needs and ensuring they work and achieve to the best of their abilities. Our staff is prepared to take initiative and go the extra mile for students. We don’t believe in excuses, what we believe in are our students and our staff – there are no learning barriers that we cannot overcome together.


Social inclusion

The trust schools are autonomous; yet function as a collaborative network within the community. Being a part of the community in which we are based in is paramount; it ensures social inclusion and further supports students. Integration and participation with the community prepares students for life after school.