Trust Management

Mr P Murphy

Mr Murphy has been a teacher for 30 years. He has 25 years’ experience as a senior leader in 4 different schools and he has been a Headteacher for 15 years. Mr Murphy has a considerable track record of success in education and has experience of leading and managing schools in a variety of contexts. Mr Murphy brings a strong track record of success in education and expertise in leading and managing schools to secure improvements in the education offer for students.

Mr N Vincent

Mr Vincent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Board of Trustees of E21C. He has been a school Governor for over 25 years and has fulfilled the role of Chair of Governors for 15 years. He now holds accreditation as a National Leader of Governors, Academy Ambassador and in this role he has supported many other Governing bodies. Mr Vincent has a wealth of commercial and business experience. He is the owner of a successful land and estate agency business and brings his commercial expertise to the operation of E21C.

Mrs C Whiting

Mrs Whiting is the Chief Operating Officer for E21C. She has a strong track record in administration, finance and personnel from her 25 year career in retail management. Mrs Whiting has worked at a senior level in many well-known companies including House of Fraser and Sainsbury’s, Mrs Whiting brings this wealth of experience to the board of E21C.