Trust Members

Mr N Vincent

Mr Vincent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Board of Trustees of E21C. He has been a school Governor for over 25 years and has fulfilled the role of Chair of Governors for 15 years. He now holds accreditation as a National Leader of Governors, Academy Ambassador and in this role he has supported many other Governing bodies. Mr Vincent has a wealth of commercial and business experience. He is the owner of a successful land and estate agency business and brings his commercial expertise to the operation of E21C.

Mr T Webb

Mr Webb is a professionally qualified solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in his field. He runs his own law firm and has great expertise across a wide portfolio of law related issues. Mr Webb brings a wealth of experience from the commercial and law sectors.

Mr Steve Lipscombe

Mr Lipscombe has nearly 40 years of commercial and business experience in the marketing and media sectors. For the past 17 years he has been the owner and director of a Bromley-based design and marketing agency.

Andrew McCormick