Local Governance

E21C places high value on the part Governors play within school improvement. All of our schools have a Local Governing Body (LGB). They represent their local community and ensure that all schools respond effectively to local need. The LGB’s role is to support and challenge the school leadership to ensure the students well-being and continually drive standards forward. Our Governors, who are all volunteers, bring their personal skills from outside education broadening the challenge role and all attend regular training. The role of the Chair is of particular importance in that they are the Headteachers’s direct critical friend, and ensures that the LGB is kept fully briefed of events and outcomes within the school.

Ultimate governance and accountability remains with the Board of Trustees, Trustees delegate responsibilities to the LGB which they deliver through meetings, committees and/or responsible persons.

To facilitate the LGB role and ensure clarity, E21C has developed a clear Scheme of Delegation which sets out the roles/responsibilities of the LGB.

All our LGB Chairs have direct access to their link Trustee.