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Coopers School


At Coopers we are community based on trust and respect that inspires resilience, ambition and success for all.

Our values guide our attitudes and behaviours in everything we do. We are a welcoming and thriving fully comprehensive school for young people aged 11 to 18. Our alumni demonstrate our track record in providing our pupils and students with the academic foundations and enriching experiences that enable them to create successful lives and careers. We prepare our students for success.

We are so proud of our Class of 2023! They were the first set of Year 11 and Year 13 pupils and students to sit externally assessed exams since the beginning of the pandemic. We were impressed with their performance and are pleased to share our 2023 exam results here. Pupils and students at Coopers have done extremely well and we are delighted for them.

We have made significant progress since the last set of actual exam results in 2019 and are now surpassing national averages for 4+ and 5+ in Maths and English – a great foundation for our student’s future success. Results for grades 7-9 in English and Maths and in the English Baccalaureate were also above national average. English Baccalaureate subjects are important because research demonstrates that young people with qualifications in these subjects achieve greater academic and professional success. These are qualifications that open doors.

Within our school culture, we know that trust is crucial in creating positive and productive relationships between staff and students. This is the cornerstone of our approach to behaviour and pastoral care. Respect ensures equality where all members of our community demonstrate consideration and kindness towards each other. We understand that learning is a journey and students need to be exhibit resilience and determination to reach their goals and achieve success. This means that we understand that pupils and students will make mistakes and learn from these mistakes and we build a culture in our classrooms to give pupils the confidence to make and learn from their errors.

At the heart of all we do is the firm belief that as a community we nurture the whole child through academic rigour and pastoral support. Our young people are given the opportunity to experience a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to develop the skills and knowledge needed for their next steps. To complement this, we provide a menu of enriching opportunities through a wide range of school trips, year group residentials and after school clubs.

At Coopers our Curriculum is Inclusive, Focused, Sequenced and Coherent. This means that we study a broad body of diverse knowledge to ensure all pupils and students are engaged and stretched. We have thought hard about the sequencing and order of learning within our curriculum to ensure that what is learnt is remembered. This is to create opportunities for all pupils and students to develop, nurture and expand their academic

interests. We are committed to developing knowledge, skills and character so that our young people leave school with choices.

Our fantastic and dedicated pastoral teams support and nurture all young people in our care; our aim is to remove the barriers to success and enable all students to achieve. Our tutors take an active role in supporting and caring for our pupils and are the first port of call for all parents and carers. Your child will meet with their tutor daily; this is an opportunity to discuss attendance, wellbeing and progress. Our pastoral teams are organised to offer the highest level of support to our students. Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year who focuses on academic progress and a Guidance Manager who offers daily pastoral support. Our Year teams offer additional assistance to students and parents to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary.

We work extensively with our local primaries and our families to ensure that our Year 7 pupils have a smooth transition to secondary school. We offer a range of transition activities such as small group sessions with Senior Leaders, Summer School and dedicated Year 7 Induction Day at the beginning of the academic year. We aim to get to know all our pupils prior to their first day so that we understand how best we can support them. Transitions will happen through a child’s secondary education; it is important that these are seamless and build on each other. As your child moves through the school, their Year Team will ensure that they have the all the support they need to flourish.

At Coopers we have high expectations and aspirations of all of our students and developing their ambition, talent and ability is our primary focus. Our young people leave Coopers School with the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to embark on the next step in their academic career at a first choice university or ambitious career of their choice.

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