Spires Academy Careers Week

Spires Academy Careers

Spires Academy celebrated National Careers Week last week by providing Year 9 students with a range of activities and information to support their option choices and future career paths. The events included a series of specialist assemblies, which covered a range of career options and paths, as well as highlighting the importance of setting career goals early on.

The highlight of the week was the Year 9 Options Event, which brought together students, parents, and carers to provide a wealth of information on the various subject options available to students. Attendees were able to speak with teachers and subject specialists, as well as current students, to gain a better understanding of each subject and its potential career pathways.

The event was well attended, and feedback from students, parents, and carers was overwhelmingly positive. Many commented on the value of being able to ask questions and receive guidance to help make informed decisions about their future education and career goals.

Spires Academy and E21C are committed to providing their students with the support and guidance they need to make successful transitions to further education and future careers.