Science Week at Blenheim Primary School

Science Week at Blenheim Primary School

Last week, Blenheim Primary School held its annual Science Week, which was a huge success. The theme for this year's Science Week was "connections," and the school's students explored various scientific concepts related to this theme.

The Science Week began with a whole-school assembly where the students were introduced to the theme of the week. The assembly discussed how exploring Science Capital could help us make connections, and the children were also fortunate to hear from Brian Sweatman, Governor for BPS, who spoke about his career as a pharmacist.

As the week progressed, each class participated in activities that were designed to help them explore the concept of connections. In EYFS, the students conducted a "smell test" to explore the connection between our senses. Year 1 students explored the connections in colors and patterns through the Skittle experiment. They created beautiful patterns by placing Skittles on a plate and adding water.

In Year 2, the students focused on life cycles. They visited the pond, collected frog spawn, and learned about the life cycle of a frog. The students also made representations of the life cycle out of clay. In Year 3, the students explored the connection between light and shadow and had a great time in the darkened hall with their torches.

Year 4 students learned about the connections in our digestive systems and simulated the movement of food and waste through our digestive systems. Year 5 students explored structural connections by making bridges and testing them with weights. Finally, in Year 6, students investigated chemical reactions by taking part in volcano experiments.

Overall, Science Week at Blenheim Primary School was a tremendous success. The activities and experiments were engaging, fun, and helped the students to explore the theme of connections in an innovative and exciting way. We look forward to next year's Science Week and can't wait to see what amazing activities and experiments the teachers come up with next!