Ravensbourne School celebrates National Careers Week

Ravensbourne School celebrates National Career Week

Ravensbourne School marked National Careers Week last week in a big way, celebrating careers and promoting career guidance in various ways. The week-long event saw students from all year groups engaging with career guidance, resources, and information designed to help them make informed decisions about their future.

The school put up a display board in the small hall, highlighting National Careers Week and promoting the virtual work experience. All year groups had different career-related PowerPoint presentations, which were used to support different levels of understanding. These included "The World of Work" for year 7, "Skills for the Future" for year 8, "Your Choice" for year 9, "Exploring Careers" for year 10, "Moving On" for year 11, and "Managing Your Next Steps" for post-16 students.

To further support their attendance at the NCW virtual careers fair, all students from year 7 to 11 received a virtual career fair booklet, along with a letter to parents promoting attendance. KS3 students had a stop and learn about careers session on Tuesday during P4, focusing on the interactive video delivered through BBC Bitesize. KS3 and KS4 students also had separate PowerPoints for a stop and learn about careers session during P5 on Wednesday, which aimed to support employability skills and signpost careers guidance interviews.

Year 12 students were not left out as they were sent Masterclass clips to watch during enrichment, which included an Apprenticeship masterclass and a Green sector masterclass. Parents were also sent an NCW guide for parents to support their child with key choices and careers pathways.

Finally, the school provided all parents and students with a link to Spring pod on-demand work experience, a resource aimed at students aged 13 and above.

Ravensbourne School's celebration of National Careers Week shows the school's commitment to helping students make informed decisions about their future education and career goals. It also highlights the importance of early career guidance and the benefits it can have for students as they transition into further education and future careers.