International Women's Day


international womens day 2023

In honour of International Women's Day 2023, we had the pleasure of speaking with Louise Cooper, COO of E21C, about her career and advice for women who aspire to leadership positions. Louise shares insights about her route to leadership and overcoming barriers in her current role. She also gives advice for women starting out in leadership.

Can you tell us about your journey into leadership?

I began my leadership journey in my mid-20s, working with clients and supporting graduates fresh from university in a business consultancy. Later, I pursued an MBA which gave me invaluable insight into leadership at all levels and across a range of sectors.

Can you tell us about your current role and the barriers you've had to overcome to succeed?

As COO of E21C, I work with our central teams and external partners to ensure our schools receive excellent services. There are barriers, but the key to overcoming them is to be clear about our objectives, simplify processes as much as possible, and work through the details.

What advice would you give to women starting out in leadership?

I have a lot to say, but here are some key points. First, work in environments where the culture and values align with yours. Invest in relationships and be curious about people and situations. Building resilience is crucial because things can go wrong, but what matters most is how you recover.