Eden Park High School celebrates National Careers Week

Eden Park High School Celebrated National Careers Week with Exciting Activities and Competitions

Last week, Eden Park High School focused on the exciting world of work during tutor time and lessons as part of National Careers Week. Students got involved in quizzes, discussions, and competitions, as well as watching career-related videos to learn about different professions and industries.

As part of the celebrations, students in Years 7, 8, and 9 were invited to participate in the national competition called ‘Step into the NHS’. The competition required students to research and create an advertisement for a job within the NHS. Eden Park High School encouraged all eligible students to take part in this exciting opportunity.

Throughout the week, subject teachers displayed short clips in the last few minutes of their lessons to show the links between their subject and the many different career opportunities that follow - the videos can be viewed here

Eden Park High School also directed students to the Career Pilot website here, where young people shared their stories about the educational and vocational pathways they had taken. The website proved to be a valuable resource for students looking to explore their options and make informed decisions about their future careers.

National Careers Week was a great success at Eden Park High School. The school hopes that the activities and resources provided throughout the week will have inspired students to think about their future careers and take steps towards achieving their goals