Eden Park High Anti-Bullying Week


Eden Park High School took a proactive approach to educating its students about bullying and promoting a culture of kindness and respect during Anti-Bullying Week. The school implemented a range of activities and initiatives aimed at raising awareness, empowering students, and fostering a supportive environment for all.

Year Group Assemblies: Understanding Cyber Bullying and Community Safety

Each year group participated in assemblies dedicated to the theme of Anti-Bullying Week. These assemblies focused on defining bullying, identifying its different forms, including cyber bullying and community safety. Students were encouraged to recognise bullying behaviours, understand the importance of speaking up against it, and learn how to support their peers who may be experiencing bullying.

Mr Duffet, Director of Safeguarding at Eden Park led assemblies and provided students with valuable insights on how to stay safe online, protect themselves from cyber bullying, and seek help if needed. He emphasised the importance of being responsible digital citizens and using technology in a positive and respectful manner.


Eden Park High School's Commitment to Anti-Bullying

Eden Park High School's Anti-Bullying Week initiatives reflect the school's ongoing commitment to creating a culture of respect, inclusion, and empathy. By educating students about bullying, empowering them to take action, and fostering open dialogue, Eden Park High School is creating a safer and more supportive environment for all its students.

Eden Park High School is taking a holistic approach to addressing bullying and creating a more positive and inclusive school environment.