Blenheim Primary School Empowers Year 3 Parents with an Engaging Reading Workshop Unleashing the Power of Literacy

Blenheim Primary School Empowers Year 3 Parents with an Engaging Reading Workshop, Unleashing the Power of Literacy!

Blenheim Primary School, part of the E21C Trust, recently organised a highly successful reading workshop for parents of Year 3 students. The workshop aimed to emphasise the importance of reading with children and provide practical tips to enhance their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Sue Williams, English Lead at Blenheim Primary School, led the session, which received enthusiastic participation from the parents.

During the workshop, parents were introduced to various strategies they could utilise to support their child's reading journey. They learned about the types of questions they could ask their children and effective techniques to improve reading comprehension. The session provided valuable insights into engaging children with books and fostering a love for reading.

Feedback from the attending parents was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed how helpful and interesting they found the workshop, praising the abundance of practical tips and ideas shared. One parent stated, "I found this session very helpful; it showed me how to apply reading on a more regular basis." Another parent commented, "This workshop provided me with useful information to support my child's reading. We learned a lot from it."

When asked about ways to improve future sessions, the majority of parents had no suggestions, highlighting their satisfaction with Blenheim Primary School. One parent expressed gratitude, stating, "Really good school. My son comes home with lots of books to read. Thanks."

Sue Williams, English Lead at Blenheim, was thrilled with the positive response from the parents. She remarked, "It was a pleasure to engage with such enthusiastic parents who are dedicated to fostering a love for reading in their children. The workshop provided practical strategies to support their child's literacy development, and I am delighted to see the positive impact it had on the participants."

The success of the reading workshop highlights Blenheim Primary School's commitment to parental involvement and its dedication to nurturing a strong foundation in literacy skills for its students. By organizing engaging workshops like this, Blenheim Primary School continues to create a supportive and enriching environment where every child can thrive and excel in their educational journey.