Why Join Us?

Thinking of joining Education for the 21st Century, Multi-Academy Trust?

E21C is looking for great schools to join its family! 

Why a MAT model?

There are a number of advantages of becoming part of a MAT, such as:

  • Economic benefits, such as centralised services
  • Sharing best practices and expertise
  • The ability to focus funds where they’re most needed
  • Increased and flexible staffing resources
  • The opportunity to establish succession planning programmes and, in doing so, retain good staff who might otherwise move on, including headteachers

The culture of a MAT you join can deeply influence so much of the future for your school and its students. When making your decision it is important to ensure that your school belongs within the vision and values of the MAT you wish to join. E21C are committed to improving outcomes and transforming lives, realising social mobility, and the transformative power of education. We value the difference in all of our schools while seeking to bring them together around a framework that delivers an enriching experience and a great education for the young people within our care. 

For further information or to make an enquiry please contact enquiries@e21c.co.uk.