Board of Trustees

Mr N Vincent

Mr Vincent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Board of Trustees of E21C. He has been a school Governor for over 25 years and has fulfilled the role of Chair of Governors for 15 years. He now holds accreditation as a National Leader of Governors, Academy Ambassador and in this role he has supported many other Governing bodies. Mr Vincent has a wealth of commercial and business experience. He is the owner of a successful land and estate agency business and brings his commercial expertise to the operation of E21C.

Mr C Darlington
Vice Chair

Mr Darlington has worked in the commercial and business sector for over 25 years. His expertise is within the travel industry where he is a senior manager for a large, multinational operator, Mr Darlington has extensive experience in project management, the development of consumer facing ICT systems and leading the strategic development of regional growth within the multinational environment. Mr Darlington brings very extensive experience and expertise, especially within ICT systems, to the operation of E21C.

Mr M Atkinson
Finance Trustee

Mr Atkinson is a qualified accountant with over 25 years’ experience. Mr Atkinson has worked for large National accountancy firms such as Baker Tilley and now runs his own accountancy firm specialising in small and medium sized enterprises. Mr Atkinson has successful experience across all areas of accountancy and finance from audit to compliance and production of company accounts for a wide variety of businesses.

Mrs A Dempsey

Mrs Dempsey has over 30 years’ experience in the education sector. She also has 20 years’ experience of working as a senior leader in schools. Throughout this time her expertise was student welfare and safeguarding. Mrs Dempsey is trained to the highest of education safeguarding practices. She brings this experience and expertise to E21C, ensuring that safeguarding our students is at the heart of our work.

Ms Lisa Rothon

Ms. Rothon is a qualified Solicitor, specialising in Employment Law, at a leading law firm in the South East. Ms. Rothon. has experience of advising both commercial clients and individual employees on employment law and human resources matters including, unfair and wrongful dismissal, discrimination, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance procedures and contractual documentation. Ms. Rothon brings experience and expertise, especially with regards to employment relations, to the operation of E21C.

Ms Rosemary Judah
Educational Standards

Mr D Freeborn